By Arash Dibazar

The art of pickup and the art of seduction is much more than getting the woman or getting laid, and although if you look at the history of this art-form, that’s how it started. It’s now evolved into a totally new field, new science and it has a brand new attitude you could say.


I’m very excited to be doing this foreword for this book, because this will be the first book in Africa on the subject and Africa is very powerful continent with the rich history. It is important that this knowlege, this forbidden knowlege, of how to use the laws of nature and laws of God and Gods to influence the opposite sex in a way to bring about the fulfilment of your dreams and desire.

” There will be a complete shift in your consciousness, the way you look at the world and the way you interact with everybody around you.”

It is very important that this science is known and this art appreciated. Now warning should come with this, once you start to understand the basic laws and the truths that accompany this art-form, I can guarantee you that you will not any longer be the person you were before.


There will be a complete shift in your consciousness, the way you look at the world and the way you interact with everybody around you. You are guaranteed to receive resistance from people around you, especially friends who will ridicule and say that” who needs to learn how to talk to woman. I’ll just go talk to them”. Those are fools!

Just like any powerful knowledge, the knowledge of matting and male and female energies has been forbidden on this earth for many many years generation. I, Arash Zepar Dibazar. I am known throughout the world as the number one seduction of the planet.


I am the demon of lust, and of dreams and desire. And I’m here to introduce this book to a powerful continent and for my friend who has spent his years studying this art and mastering his craft.So, please enjoy the book and may you never be the same again.


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About Casanova

Casanova was born and bred in the Vaal Sebokeng. He owns a dating company that he established in 2014 and the company, called Seduction Academy, is a company that teaches dating to lovable & single frustrated men. It gives them tools of courtship for the modern woman. The way women look at themselves, how they want to be treated, how much they earn and how they carry themselves in South Africa has changed and unfortunately the way men treat and date them hasn’t changed and that fact has put men in the back-foot and at odds with society’s moral code and unfortunately law enforcement.

Casanova has been a professional pickup artist for the past eight years now and through his company, Seduction Academy, he teaches ways of courtship and seduction. He teaches confidence, how to build an instant connection and rapport with a stranger. How to go from meet, to date, to bed in two weeks or less. Something of which can actually happen in a day if the student has learned quick enough. Seduction Academy is currently the only 100% Black Owned Professional Dating company teaching the ways of Pickup in Africa. In 2017 he published the only book on the subject of Pickup in the whole of Africa called Casanova Method. A book which introduces the reader to pickup and shares ways of being a better man in finding the woman of your dreams.

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